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2 - Pv - S Servo Type Ac Automatic Voltage Regulator 10-12 Kva

2 - Pv - S Servo Type Ac Automatic Voltage Regulator 10-12 Kva

Technical Specifications 1- Rated power rang is from 850 to 7500 VA 2- Simple design, reduced size and increased efficiency 3- Soft start that protects the appliances form damage 4- Display to show input voltage and output voltage and the operation state 5- Automatic restart in case of overload current 6- Robust construction 7- High Efficiency 8- Ease to use and maintenance 9- Smart Cooling 10- Ease performance monitoring • Input Voltage • Output Votage - The current load • The regulation stage number • Show Voltage fluctuation (HV, LV) when the device is switched off due to the rise/drop over/under of a calibrated value • Show the over voltage state (OV) PV-1 Protections 1- Protection in case of overload currents and short circuits 2- Protection in case of voltage fluctuation 3- Protect from the short circuit 4- Protection in case of increasing the temperature of the device PV-1 Models Configuration There are the following settings: 1- On/Off switch 2- Inverter on/off 3- Switch to select UPS or INV 4- Time to switch between grid and battery PV-I Inverter Wiring : 1- The red line is for output 2- The blue line is for neutral 3- The green line is for input 4- The right connector is for the negative terminal of battery 5- The left connector is for the positive terminals of the battery

  • Any Product types that You want - Simple, Configurable
  • Downloadable/Digital Products, Virtual Products
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  • Flatlock seams throughout.
  • Weight 1000 g
  • Dimensions 35 × 30 × 7 cm
  • Color Black, Pink, Red, White
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